cMotion CPRO Handunit

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The cPRO motor is a brand new super fast RF motor based on the popular and compact cforce mini. Incorporating the wireless module into the motor eliminates the need for a big bulky motor box which helps reduce both weight and cost. Through the LBUS connector, 2 cforce motors can be connected in daisy-chain for a full 3 axis system while the new CAM connector (Le 5+2p) offers a versatile interface for power and camera control. The cPRO motor is compatible with cmotion`s new cPRO hand unit. Two buttons on the motor enable channel selection (14 channels), scale settings, motor calibration and system information.

Mechanically, the cPRO motor is based on the incredibly popular cforce mini. However, this motor benefits from a built-in RF module. Incorporating the wireless module into the motor eliminates the need for an extra unit being mounted on the camera.

This combination reduces both the weight and costs of a ready to use system. 2 user buttons provide a simple interface for setting the motor scale, triggering motor calibration and selecting one of the 8 RF channels to pair with the new cPRO hand unit.

Using the LBUS interface, the system can be expanded with up to 2 additional cforce motors while the new EXT mini connector provides a versatile interface for power supply and run/stop control (*plus camera feedback) for cameras including ARRI, RED, Sony, Canon and Blackmagic.

The cPRO hand unit is the wireless hand-held control unit of the cPRO lens control system. Setting new standards in ergonomics and design, the cPRO hand unit is comfortable to use, robust and well balanced. The advanced focus knob has been crafted for precision control with mechanical limits and a unique „Panic Button“ feature. The intuitive capacitive touch display menu, thumb wheel and user assignable buttons provide quick access to some of cPRO‘s unique functions and features while the selectable and adjustable back-lighting makes cPRO ideal for environments from bright sunlight to total darkness. Several mounting points have also been included to offer well balanced solutions for monitors etc.