O’Connor 2065 Fluid Head 150mm Bowl


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The OConnor Ultimate 2065 Fluid Head (150mm) includes a 150mm ball base and a tie-down. A platform/plate and pan handle are not included with this base unit. Designed as a replacement for the 2060HD, the 2065 Fluid Head has an increased payload of up to 89 pounds and shares many ergonomic features with higher payload contemporaries like the OConnor 2575 and 120EX. This head features infinitely variable counterbalance with a crank-style handle, stepless pan and tilt drag, a soft left-hand rest, and a single-handed platform release with a safety catch.

Highly ergonomic design elements shared with the OConnor 2575 include conveniently located controls at camera operator’s (left) side of the head, dual scales for balancing your camera rig, four handle rosettes, and an illuminated bubble level. The collapsible counterbalance crank handle enables accurate and continual counterbalance adjustments, suiting this head to contemporary cinematography, where lighter cameras, larger lenses, and their requisite accessories are being continually developed in varying weights.

Separately available camera platform choices include the OConnor Standard Plate, the 120mm European Plate, the Panavision Dovetail Plate, and the Arriflex Dovetail Plate.


Suited for most professional video and film cameras in lightweight or fully-accessorized configurations
A crank-style, collapsible handle enables infinitely-variable counterbalance; accommodating any payload up to 89 pounds
Stepless pan and tilt drag fluid for ultra-smooth moves
One-handed platform release lever for quick balance adjustments and de-rigging
Controls and a soft hand-rest are conveniently placed on the left for the operator’s use
A pan handle (available separately) can be mounted to any of the four rosettes