Lomo Anamorphic Round Front

35mm T2.4, 50mm T2.5, 75mm T2.6

Coverage: Super35
Front Diameter: 
35mm: 142mm
50, 75mm: 110mm
Min.Focus: 3’4″

Lomo Round Front 2:1 anamorphic’s are vintage Russian made prime lenses from the 1980’s.

A reminiscence of ex-soviet technological force, these lenses have beautiful anamorphic characteristics, stunning bokeh and flares.

The anamorphic element is between the spherical assemblies, focus is controlled by a pair of spherical elements at the very front of the lens. This design produces minimal lens breathing (compared to the square fronts) when pulling focus. The physical front of each lens spins with the focus, this makes working with clip-on matte boxes difficult.