Nikon TLS Aurora

24-70mm T2.8

Coverage: Large Format
Front Diameter: 110mm
Weight: 2.15 kg / 4.75lb
Close focus: 1.5 feet/0.38 meters


The Aurora 24-70mm is a TLS mid-range zoom and the second in line of the three lens Titan zoom range, which use Nikon glass. All of the lenses in this range are fixed T2.8 speed and cover the full frame 35mm format (36 x 24mm) that comfortably cover 6K sensors, which further proofs your optical investment.

The ergonomics and build quality of the lens are akin to the 80-200mm Morpheus, with a 110mm front diameter, easy to read scales in your choice of either metric or imperial markings, integrated lens support ring, standard 0.8″ pitch focus, zoom and iris gears, expanded iris scale and an industry standard PL mount.

The most notable modification is the expanded and reserved focus mechanism, in order to correct the Nikon focus barrel direction and operate the correct way for film operations.

Containing the same optics as inside the Nikon’s best mid range zoom for Nikon 35mm and FX format digital cameras, and just like the 80-200mm, the AR coatings reduce flares and veiling glares for deep, rich blacks. Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass reduces chromatic aberrations.

These lenses provide the perfect combination of image and build quality at an affordable price, which meet the requirements of today’s operators within an industry where high-end equipment is now attainable at reasonable rates.