Filmotechnic Zero Mini Rain Deflector

The newly designed ZERO MINI Rain Deflector is lighter and smaller then our original ZERO. It is made to work on small gimbals such as Ronin 2 and Movi Pro. We also designed it to be compatible with the ARRI’s LMB 4×5 Matte Box which allows the use of ARRI Swing Away Module, Filter Stages, 15mm and 19mm studio rod mount adapters and etc.

120mm Opening
D-Tap/P-Tap/XLR power options
Zero Mini can accept voltage from 12.4V to 24v DC
Light Weight – 1.9lbs (900 grams)
Compatible with Arri LMB 4×5 Matte box modular stages and brackets
Variable Rotation Speed – 2000rpm – 4000rpm
Wireless Remote On/Off
Tested on Ronin 2, Movi Pro, Shotover G1
ARRI Swing Away Module allows the ZERO Mini to tilt to avoid double reflections from lights

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