IDX DUO-150 V-Lock 14V 155W

(x4) + Duo-Charger (2x)

DUO150 is a high-performance Li-Ion V-Mount battery with a 146Wh capacity and ability to handle 10A/120W loads. The 146Wh capacity provides extended run times while remaining under the 160Wh IATA limit for carry-on baggage. The DUO-150 is one of the best battery on the market equipped with two built-in D-Taps and a single built-in USB output.


146Wh capacity
Capable of handling up to 10A/120W loads
(2) 50W D-Tap outputs (unregulated)
(1) 5V USB output (auto shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity)
5 Power Indicator LEDs
SMBus compatible – allows accurate display of the DUO-150’s remaining capacity via the camera’s viewfinder
Manufactured in co-operation with Sanyo (the world’s premier supplier of Lithium Ion cells)
Battery circuit protection ensures the DUO-150 is fully protected against common causes of battery misuse, guarding against over charge, over discharge, over current and exposure to high temperatures
The highest grade Lithium Ion cells are used to ensure the DUO-150 is one of the most reliable batteries on the market
12V auto cut-off prevents over-discharging (while load is applied)
Fully compatible with all ENDURA V-Mount Battery chargers and accessories
Environmentally friendly and recyclable